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Nakamura, Y., T. Miyakawa, and M. Satoh, 2020: The role of Typhoon Kilo (T1517) in the Kanto-Tohoku heavy rainfall event in Japan in September 2015. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 98,
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Plain Language Summary: The Kanto-Tohoku heavy rainfall event in September 2015 is characterized by two typhoons, Etau (T1518) and Kilo (T1517). This study investigates the role of typhoon Kilo on the heavy rainfall. We carried out 3 numerical experiments: the control experiment (CTL), the early initialized experiment (EARLY) and the moisture-removed experiment (RH0). We found that southeasterly wind effectively supplied moisture to the Kanto region. The high-pressure ridge is an important factor for northwestward moisture supply, and stronger simulated Kilo disturbs the ridge, resulting in decreased precipitation.