Graphical Abstract

Cui, Y., Z. Ruan, M. Wei, F. Li, and R. Ge, 2020: Vertical structure and dynamical properties during snow events in middle latitudes of China from observations by the C-band vertically pointing radar. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 98, 527-550. Abstract with highlights

Plain Language Summary: The 4 shallow snow events (echo top <8 km) and 2 deep events (>10 km) were observed by the C-band vertically pointing radar with frequency modulation continuous wave technology (CVPR-FMCW). The snow clouds were divided into generating cell (GC) and stratiform (St) regions. The fall streaks (FSs) associated with GCs were embedded in the St regions. The vertical air velocity (Wa ) and reflectivity-weighted particle fall speed (Vz ) values were retrieved more precisely using bimodal Doppler spectra. The characteristics of GC regions, as well as the average reflectivity gradients and dynamical properties inside and outside GCs and FSs were quantified.